Sublime Spaces / Craig Garrett

Press release by Craig Garrett

Within this visually silent enclosure, the absence of shadows makes interior dimensions difficult

to gauge. In the stark whiteness, just as in pitch blackness, space seems to stretch on forever (a void that verges

on the infinite) pure and empty except for, floating unaccountably in the center of the room, a single, perfect,

white bed. The familiar object, encountered in this in-between state, grows suddenly unsettling. It is too perfect,

not a real bed nor even a rendering of a bed but rather an immaculate abstraction – a bed in a world of pure

thought. The entire phantom space resembles a Platonic ideal, a bedroom (or an operating room, or perhaps a

torture chamber) stripped down to its essence. This room is one of Wachmann’s „Sublime Spaces“. The

objects in it – like the trees in her „Birch Forest“ – occupy the borderland between existence and thought.

Wachmann’s art dwells in contradictions: sculpture without mass, space without volume. Her spectral trees

and floating beds are a narcotic for the eyes, drowsy apparitions to destabilize the senses. By moving from the

subliminal to the sublime, Wachmann produces sensations too terrible to comprehend yet too seductive to resist.

Craig Garrett

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